Social Security Disability
Attorney Shari L. Collias

Charleston, WV

Social Security Disability Attorney
in Charleston, WV

For over 30 years, Attorney Shari L. Collias has been representing individuals living in the Charleston, WV area in social security disability claims, fighting for those who are most vulnerable. West Virginians deserve the benefit of good legal representation when they need it the most.

Shari is just a phone call away. Call today at (304) 344-3653, or contact us online for more information on social security disability.

What Is Social Security
Disability Insurance?

The Social Security Administration can provide disability benefits (SSD) for those who are unable to work due to severe, long-term disabilities. You become eligible for social security disability insurance based on the severity of your disability, but you must have obtained a required number of work credits from employment within the decade before you file a claim for SSD.
It does not matter what you own, or what non-work related income you receive when you apply for SSD.
If you have not earned the necessary work credits, you can apply for Supplemental Social Security (SSI) benefits, which are income based. However, if you own more assets or earn more money than Social Security allows, you may not be able to successfully prosecute a claim.
If you become disabled and are in need of legal assistance to apply for social security disability or SSI, call Shari L. Collias today to take the first steps.

Denied SSD or SSI?
Call Shari Collias to Start Your Appeal

If you have paid into the social security system and have recently been afflicted with a severe, long-term disability, you should apply for social security disability benefits. Litigating a Social Security claim can be difficult and involve a seemingly endless amount of bureaucratic “red tape”. Shari L. Collias is experienced in navigating the Social Security Administration’s “maze” of rules, regulations and appeal procedures. It is not easy for a lay person to understand the steps you need to take to timely appeal a denial of your claim.
If your application has been denied, do not hesitate! Call Shari L. Collias immediately to find out if you should request reconsideration of a decision rejecting your claim, or request a hearing before an Administrative Law Judge.
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