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Attorney Shari L. Collias

Charleston, WV

Business Law Attorney
in Charleston, WV

Shari L. Collias can help you with matters concerning your business. Whether you are looking to incorporate (form a corporation or LLC), dissolve your business, purchase assets, or draft contracts, you need an attorney with experience. With over 30 years of experience in business law, Shari L. Collias can help you with any aspects of your business from top to bottom.

If you live in the Charleston, Huntington, Beckley, Logan, or Parkersburg area, and are looking to start a business or need legal expertise in any matter involving your business, call Attorney Shari L. Collias today at (304) 344-3653. You can also contact us online for more information.

Corporations, LLC, & More
Attorney Shari L. Collias

Deciding whether to incorporate, form an LLC, or a partnership for your business is not something you should do without first consulting an attorney. If you plan on starting a business, or already own a business, make sure you consult and experience attorney before making important business discussions.
  • Incorporation
  • Asset Purchases
  • Asset Sales
  • Contract
  • Collections
  • Dissolving Businesses
  • Corporation Representation
  • And More!

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If you own or operate a business in southern West Virginia, or would like to, call Shari L. Collias today! For over 30 years, Attorney Shari L. Collias has been helping businesses like yours with legal matters, including, but not limited to, assistance with incorporating your business, forming an LLC, purchasing and selling assets, negotiating contracts, and much more. If you need assistance, make the right choice and contact Attorney Shari L. Collias today.
Give Shari a call today to find out how to maximize your chances of business success. Shari’s office is conveniently located in downtown Charleston at 122 Capitol Street, Suite 300, directly across from the Kanawha County Public Library. We look forward to hearing from you!
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